Linda Vario

Each piece of art work is thoughtfully and prayerfully constructed.” Linda says, “I like to think about the message of a painting. When I do - it works, when I don’t - I come out at the end feeling uninspired. I feel blessed to be making a living doing something that I love.
— Linda Vario

Linda Vario was born and educated in Adelaide, South Australia.

For the past 20 years Linda and her family have lived on the Sunshine Coast, drawn by the unique beauty and unequalled colour of this idyllic location.

Influences from the vast richness of art and culture in South Australia to the natural beauty of coastal Queensland are reflected in her art. This journey allowed her creative space to learn, explore and experiment in all aspects of painting, culminating in an ability to apply a broad spectrum of techniques to her work.

Linda Vario's work is widely sought after and is represented in highly respected galleries throughout Australia, Europe and New Zealand. She has been identified as an artist on the rise, with her works barely making to the gallery walls before being sold. Commission works are also prevalent now as disappointed art lovers who miss out on gallery purchases request new editions.

Linda is constantly stretching her chosen medium, acrylic, to its full potential.