Su Bishop
Xandolla Glass Art

Su Bishop is a glass artist and jewellery maker who developed her craft while living in Exmouth in the remote north west of Australia.  Self-taught, Su developed her own style and methods of working, giving her work vitality, originality and freshness. Su's glass art is uniquely classical and quirky. Su's work is characterised by an individual flair, classic lines, and uncompromising quality. She uses an array of coloured opaque and transparent glasses, silvered glasses, glasses with metallic lustres, glasses of extraordinary clarity, and various reactive glasses to wonderful effect.  She applies shards, murrini, stringers and metal foil to add complexity and texture.  Su's glass plays with light, colour and form.
Su's work was heavily influenced by the colours and forms of the world famous and quite remarkable Ningaloo Reef and of the North West Cape, where the Australian desert meets the Indian Ocean.  The marine blues, sage greens and desert reds feature in many of her pieces.
Su is now living close to the coast in the Clarence Valley region of NSW. She continues to explore free-form blown hollows to make gorgeous wearable jewellery.  Her technique of blowing hollow beads over the flame, without the use of moulds or forms, allows light to bend and reflect off the natural variations in the glass, giving added vibrancy and liveliness.  Her use of bold rich colours, asymmetry, repetition, texture and tonality makes her work individual, recognisable and collectable.
Her work is sought after in Australia and internationally.  In 2016, Kirra Gallery took her work to the Chicago SOFA exhibition, where several pieces were acquired by USA collectors.