I like my work to have a presence and a purpose. A painting should be as exciting to own as it is to create”. “It is a wonderful compliment when people choose your work to hang on their wall”. “A painting should have life and flexibility. Every time you look at it, there should be a new discovery, and changes that relate to a different image or mood. A painting must be as exciting to own as it is to create.” I have set out to create work that is entertainment for the eyes and where your imagination can take the trip. The textures I have used will also allow the images to change at different light times throughout the day
— Trevor McNamara

Trevor McNamara

Trevor McNamara is an Adelaide based self-taught abstract/contemporary artist whose unique works hang in many private and corporate collections around Australia and overseas including Qantas, Federal Court Building and Melbourne Medical School.

While Trevor explored his interest in visual art forms when he was younger music was his main focus. A highly qualified musician, he has enjoyed a music career as a performer, composer and producer with his work featuring on many recordings, film, opera and a wide range of commercials.

Over the past 14 years Trevor has concentrated more and more on developing his painting techniques and fine tuning his now "trademark” style.

He approaches his work with a disciplined plan, but also enjoys the challenge of experimentation. His work is designed to engage and entertain the viewer with continuous discoveries, achieved through the artist's clever use of colour and texture.