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Lola prefers to create her art at night when most people are asleep and creatures come out to roam. Her contemporary art is inspired by “good feelings and stirred emotions” and is reflected in her loose communication of colours.  For most of her life, Lola has been inspired by nature, music and organic shapes.

“Working in my studio and surrounds, I never want to leave - it feels like home”. 


Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Danielle’s artworks are evocative of a story that everyone can relate to. Her whimsically wide-eyed
and naive figures are brilliantly thought provoking. Situated amongst landscapes with vacant expanses of sky, it is the subtle details such as the inclusion of a cat
or a mailbox that add to the richness of the narrative style in her paintings.


Linda Vario creates intricate visually stimulating works, with a three dimensional impact embracing a rhythmical balance of harmonious and spontaneous expression. Each piece of art work is thoughtfully and prayerfully constructed, with Linda constantly stretching her chosen medium, acrylic, to its full potential.
Her work is widely sought after and is represented in highly respected galleries throughout Australia, Europe and New Zealand.