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Red Hill Brisbane Australia.

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Dan Mason
My work is influenced by the ocean and our natural world. Being a lifetime surfer coupled with the experiences of spending months at sea as a child on-board the ships that my father worked on, have shaped my love and appreciation of open spaces and our natural environment.
Warren Salter
has developed a distinctive personal style with figurative works inspired by his children and contemporary flora and surrealist landscape works.
Warrens artwork recreates modern imagery with traditional painterly technique to create a powerful meeting-point of pop imagery and vibrant Sunshine Coast sc
Michael Parker
was surrounded by artistic creativity, sitting by his mothers side as she painted. With the aroma of linseed oil in the air, it wasnt long before he picked up a brush.
This series of boats was inspired by the magnificent views and lakes that surround him. The wood and copper used in his paintings depict the actual materials used in boat building.